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The Art We There Yet Bus

The Art We There Yet Bus

Few and Far 


Kind of

Few and Far 


Kind of

Ever wake up in ...

Miami one day, Nashville the next, Dallas the day after, and then spend a week in the middle of nowhere New Mexico? José Luis Vílchez and Cora Rose of "Art We There Yet?" have done as much, and will continue to do so for the next 30000 miles. They've made it their mission to see through a shared vision of celebrating humanity and its affinity for the arts. They are traveling the Americas to spread their joy and wonder-- creating programs for kids and adults in every kind of community, erecting murals across the country that radiate absolute beauty, and leaving behind landmarks that millions will come to experience as an understanding of passion and love for art and its effects on the human condition.

Keeping the Art Moving

As artist you have to respect your craft and ensure you don't skip the details or let inspiration slip away. Without power, it would be almost impossible for Cora and Jose to get creative and enjoy everyday modern comforts.

Off-Grid Home, Off-Grid Canvas

It goes without saying that their project requires a reliable off-grid power application due to the nature of their project and they have found an amazing solution.

From Dusk Till Dawn

With an incredible 100W inverter, 6000W worth of back up power, and an infinite need for inspiration, they'll be in good hands

With a Long Road Ahead

They Needed an Upgrade...

The Art We There Yet Bus

Check out why they Chose ExpertPower

Watch a quick interview on why José went with our LiFePO4 batteries and what they plan to use them for on their wonderful journey through the Americas.

All-Artist Zone!

Cora and Jose have a program in palce to invite artists out to their bus and get the opportunity of a lifetime to see and experience where all the magic happens and what keeps it moving. Read more below and check out their website HERE.

Solar Panels

The AWTY Power Management

Power Demands

Learn More About Cora, José, and their bus

For The Not Lonely Ones

Proven talents, Rose being an award-winning singer and songwriter out of Wisconsin, and Vilchez a renowned painter, photographer, and musician from Nicaragua whose works are displayed in galleries across the world, they've taken advantage of the exploding off-grid American Dream utilizing a skoolie bus created to be every artist's home with the freedom of infinite inspiration. It's a mobile testament to their faith in the Art We There Yet? project.

Learn more about them and their art by checking out their website. They have made some breathtaking treks, created murals, and made wonderful music along the way.

A Lifetime of Change

We're more than proud to have Cora and Jose place their faith and trust in ExpertPower and its products. As leaders in renewable energy with facilities in 5 countries, we are hard at work to promote the transition from fossil fuels to green energy and Art We There Yet? is helping us to facilitate that by traveling through 23 countries and 30000 to showcase not only their vision but ours as well. They are an extremely kind and thoughtful couple that wishes to share their everlasting passion for the arts and understands we wish to have every corner of the world running on renewable energy.

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