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Milwaukee 12 Volt

Milwaukee 12 Volt

Milwaukee 12 Volt


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Warranty: 1 Year

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Milwaukee 48-11-1900, 48-11-1970, 48-11-1950, 48-11-1960, 48-11-1967, B12, BF121, BX12, BXL12, BXS12, MX12, MXS12 

Compatible With:

Milwaukee Drills / Drivers:
0501-20, 0501-21, 0501-23, 0502-20, 0502-23, 0502-25, 0502-52, 0602-20, 0602-22
Lok-Tor P12PX, Lok-Tor P12TX, Lok-Tor P12TXC, Lok-Tor S12PX, Lok-Tor S12TX, Lok-Tor S12XC 

Milwaukee Adhesive Guns:

6560-20, 6560-21, 6560-23, 6560-24 

Milwaukee Caulking Guns:
PCG12, PCS12T 

Milwaukee Flashlights:

Other Milwaukee Power Tools:
Working Kit, Lok-Tor P12P, Lok-Tor P12T, Lok-Tor S12P, Lok-Tor S12T, PAD12, PAS12 Power Plus / PAS12PP, PCG12, PCS12T, PDD12X, PEP12, PEP12T, PEP12TX, PES12, PES12T, PJX12PP, PLD12X, PN12, PN12 Power Plus / PN12PP, PPS12 Power Plus / PPS12PP, PSG12 Power Plus / PSG12PP, PSM12PP 

Atlas Copco Power Tools:
Lok-Tor P12P, Lok-Tor P12T, Lok-Tor S12P, Lok-Tor S12T, PAD12, PAS12 Power Plus, PEP12T, PES12, PN12 Power Plus, PPS12 Power Plus, PSG12 Power Plus 

AEG Power Tools:
B12T, Battery Light PL option, BDSE 12T Super Torque, BEST 12BBPB, BEST 12X, BEST 12X Super, BL Multi-volt lamp, BS2E 12T, SB2E 12 Super Torque, WBE2E 12 

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