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ExpertPower Terms & Conditions

Return Policy


We are committed to ensuring yoursatisfaction with your battery purchase. If you are not completely satisfied,you may return the product for a refund within 90 days. For products purchaseddirectly from an authorized dealer, their return policy applies. Please contactthem directly for more information.


ExpertPower can only accept returns onproducts that are within warranty and sold by ExpertPower Direct. Return labelsare provided for up to 90 days after the initial delivery, in cases where theproduct is covered under the manufacturer's warranty (e.g.,defective/quality-related) or if a wrong product was sent. If the return is notquality-related and falls within the 90-day period, the customer is responsiblefor the return shipping costs and may be subject to a restocking fee of up to20%. All returns after the 90-day window must be returned by the customer. Forpackages exceeding $100 in value, it is recommended to purchase insurancecoverage to safeguard against potential loss. We are not obligated to issue arefund or replacement without receiving the returned item.


Restocking fees apply in the followingscenarios:


Refund requested after testing confirmsnon-defective items.

Wrong item ordered by the customer.

Item no longer needed by the customer.

We will not accept returns if the wrongproduct is sent to us. This return policy applies to all selling channels,including Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and others.


Policy Details


You may return items purchased within 90 days from the purchase date for a refund. ExpertPowerdoes not accept returns on items purchased outside of Forexchanges, please return your items for a full refund and place a new order forthe correct item. Exchanges for items purchased outside of willnot be accepted. All merchandise must be unused and returned in its originalpackaging. You may use a shipping service of your choice for returns. Pleasenote that original and return shipping costs are non-refundable unless themerchandise was shipped incorrectly.


If you wish to return an item after theinitial 90-day period but within 1 year from the original purchase date, youare eligible to warranty the item for repair or replacement. Original andreturn shipping costs are non-refundable unless the merchandise was shippedincorrectly. No refunds will be given for merchandise returned 90 days afterthe original purchase date.


International Shipping


The customer is responsible for any importduties, taxes, and fees associated with the delivery of the product. No returnshipping label will be provided for international orders. If the customerchooses to refuse the delivery, a refund will be issued upon the return of thepackage to our company. Please note that the shipping charge is non-refundable.


Warranty Information


We strive to produce the most reliablebatteries available. However, if there are any issues with your product, wewill work to rectify the situation.


Damaged products during shipping (whenordered from ExpertPower Direct) or defective products must be returneddirectly to ExpertPower in the original box or suitable cardboard packaging,using our prepaid shipping label. The Return Authorization Number (RMA#) mustbe included with the product.


1-Year Limited Warranty


All ExpertPower batteries (except LiFePO4batteries) come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty against defects in material andworkmanship. This warranty applies only to the original owner and becomes voidif the product is used commercially, structurally altered, subjected toexcessive stress beyond the physical limits of the materials used, or damageddue to abnormal use. Punctures and normal wear and tear are not covered. Forlimited edition or out-of-stock products still under warranty, ExpertPower willreplace them with an equivalent value product in a different color, based onavailability.


LiFePO4 Warranty and Return Information:


All ExpertPower LiFePO4 batteries arecovered by a 2-Year Warranty from ExpertPower (except the PRO Series andEP48100). For more details on the LiFePO4 Battery warranty, please refer to theWarranty Info section.


Warranty Disclaimer


This warranty does not cover any incidentalor consequential damages resulting from the use of the battery. If the warrantyapplies, the manufacturer will repair or replace, at their discretion, thebattery or any defective part or component.


ExpertPower reserves the right to makechanges to products and designs without incurring any obligations toincorporate those changes into previously completed products or those alreadyin the possession of dealers or consumers. Products repaired or replaced underthis warranty may or may not include these changes.


Damaged products must be returned directlyto ExpertPower in the original box or adequate cardboard packaging. The productmust be accompanied by a copy of the original order form and the ReturnAuthorization Number (RMA#).


Our policy is to honor product warrantiesand perform services only on products purchased from ExpertPower or anauthorized ExpertPower reseller, accompanied by a receipt or proof of purchase.


The warranty will not be valid forpurchases made from unauthorized resellers, distributors, or drop-shippers.


Please be aware that there are websites anddealers claiming to be authorized ExpertPower resellers when they are not.Products sold on such websites or by these dealers do not carry a warranty fromExpertPower. Purchasing products from unauthorized websites or dealers carriesrisks, including the possibility of counterfeit, used, defective, orincompatible products. To protect yourself and your ExpertPower product, ensurethat you only purchase from an Authorized Reseller.

Installation Disclaimer


ExpertPower highly recommends that allsolar kits be installed by a licensed and qualified professional. Installationof solar kits involves working with electricity, which can be dangerous if nothandled properly. Improper installation may lead to electric shock, fire, propertydamage, or personal injury.


By purchasing and using our solar kits, youacknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the properinstallation, operation, and maintenance of the system. ExpertPower disclaimsany liability for damages or injuries resulting from the installation or use ofour solar kits by non-trained individuals or anyone not possessing thenecessary expertise.


Please note the following important points:


Electrical Expertise: Solar kitinstallation involves electrical connections and components. It is crucial tohave a thorough understanding of electrical systems and the necessary trainingto ensure safe and correct installation. We strongly advise against theinstallation of our solar kits by individuals who are not licensedprofessionals or do not possess the required electrical expertise.


Safety Precautions: Working withelectricity carries inherent risks. It is essential to follow all safetyguidelines and local electrical codes during the installation process. Thisincludes proper grounding, appropriate wire sizing, correct equipmentplacement, and adherence to all relevant electrical regulations.


Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations:It is your responsibility to ensure that the installation of our solar kitscomplies with all applicable local, state, and national laws, codes, andregulations. Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in legalconsequences, fines, or other penalties.


Product Warranty: Our product warranty doesnot cover damages or failures resulting from improper installation,modification, or unauthorized repair. It is crucial to follow the providedinstallation instructions and guidelines to ensure the warranty remains valid.


By proceeding with the purchase andinstallation of our solar kits, you confirm that you have read and understoodthe risks involved, and you agree to assume full responsibility for theinstallation process. ExpertPower disclaims any liability for damages,injuries, or losses incurred as a result of improper installation orunauthorized modifications.


If you have any questions or concernsregarding the installation process, we recommend consulting a licensedprofessional before proceeding.