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Who We Are

ExpertPower is a Los Angeles based supplier of Energy Storage Systems located in the heart of beautiful southern California. Since its establishment in 1987, ExpertPower has worked hard to earn its reputation as the most dependable in the business. Our product reviews are from actual customers who both appreciate and trust the quality they have come to expect from our products. We're not the bragging type, but we're more than happy to let our customers speak for us.

What We Do

From our smallest battery pack to our largest energy storage system, ExpertPower designs, manufactures, distributes, services and supports energy storage solutions that provide customers with superior value.

Our broad global network provides a wide variety of energy storage equipment, storage solutions and support services.

Our Team

The Experts are a group of multi-talented battery specialists who spent way too much time indoors while growing up. We’ve blended young, promising entrepreneurs with seasoned industry experts to make up our team of real people who genuinely care about providing you with the best service possible.