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ExpertPower, Integrity, and the Lithium Battery Market

A 2020 Observation

One of the most common concerns...

when it comes to LiFePO4 batteries is their manufacturing. The most essential components of the battery are the cells and the battery management system, being costly as they are, a LiFePO4 battery’s performance and longevity depend entirely on the body and soul that these components make up. The cells, what the “battery” is composed of, typically four, store the actual energy that can be used at a moment’s notice. As you can tell, these have to be in tip-top shape to ensure you can actually use them as intended.

The battery management system, or “BMS” for short, controls a lot of what goes on with the battery internally and externally. It regulates things like charging and discharging as lithium batteries are sensitive and can be easily damaged if not properly managed.

Why am I telling you all this? To make a point of course—point being that if either of these components are not up to par, the battery will not meet expectations. A huge factor when it comes to deciding how to buy these batteries is the manufacturer. Is the customer service reliable? Is the product reliable? Where is it made? How is it made? Ultimately, it boils down to the concept of trust. Who CAN you trust? With the rise of the lithium battery, comes a rise in after-market products that are both cheap and shady.

ExpertPower simply does not have these issues.

With a global outreach covering 100+ countries, logistics that routinely handles hundreds of thousands of units in batteries monthly, multiple factories across China, Vietnam, and Thailand, it’s clear how much effort we put into ensuring the product you receive is more than a bargain.

A core advantage of our logistics and manufacturing sectors are the flexibility of R&D and cost effectiveness. With our main production facilities overseas, we are able to maintain a high level of product development, delivery, and innovation while providing the savings we bring to you out the door. There is nothing more satisfying than receiving an internationally recognized, safety certified product with the structural integrity and customer satisfaction expected of a reputable company.

The battery is entirely dependent on the structure of the business with so many moving parts controlling its development. Higher priced products don’t necessarily mean they are better. Sometimes it’s just a profit boost, which isn’t inherently bad, but most of the time, they simply can’t offer our level of consumer production in both commercial and personal development while offering the well-priced products and excellent services we do.

I mentioned that there are “shady and cheap” options that are popping up all over and with a product like this, you can see a bit clearer why you’d want to avoid them. Within the last couple of years, as the lithium battery increased in popularity, more and more of these available buying options are beginning to pose a huge risk to the lithium battery market. If even a single battery cell is not up-to-par, it throws the whole investment into disarray.

Product Sourcing

Cells are graded based on their utilization and production. Of course, ExpertPower manufactures fresh, A-grade cells that are tested in a strict laboratory environment to ensure quality, with proper identification and quality control markings on the cells themselves for easy identification within the level of production they undergo. Pricing on lithium batteries has a huge material cost-factor that can reasonably provide justification on high priced products, but if a battery is abnormally low, you might want to be wary of the actual cost of its production in both material and workmanship. Cheap manufacturers would opt for B-grade (or lower) cells that have undergone recycling and refurbishing to give old cells a new life at an even cheaper cost compared to before. With no shame, these manufacturers offer warranties in an arbitrary set amount of years to present the illusion of customer security and product longevity. Most of these “manufacturers” haven’t even been in business for longer than a year, a popular method of selling these products at the price points they’re sold at, is sourcing them from a true manufacturer overseas, so how can anyone really be sure they’ll be around to protect your investment? It’s a grim uncertainty plaguing many markets today.

The same goes for the battery management system which has a whole manufacturing process on its own. Without the quality control to maintain its virtually limitless utilization, there will be nothing to stop a lithium battery from getting damaged during a charge or discharge cycle. Many of these lithium battery products have their components changed out month to month or year to year, without regard for consistent quality or guarantee just to save a few pennies. Being informed helps to avoid these types of “businesses”.

ExpertPower, again, manufactures these very same products which provide an unparalleled compatibility with the cells they are designed for. With years of stabilization and development, the BMS is perfectly suited to its cells for maximum lifespan, performance, and utility. There is absolutely nothing that can compare to the level of production we offer as well as customer satisfaction and support.