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LiFePO4 Battery Chargers

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LiFePO4 Smart Chargers are the perfect solution for your LiFePO4 battery needs. They are intelligently programmed, efficiently easy to use, and BMS compatible. Our smart chargers have a special 2-stage constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charge algorithm that is specifically made for and uniquely designed for LiFePO4 batteries. Additionally, the LiFePO4 Smart Charger is designed to reset battery BMS when active by allowing current into batteries reading from down to 0V.

 - Designed for LiFePO4 Batteries.

- Resets and charges LiFePO4 batteries after BMS protection trigger.

- 2-stage constant current/ constant voltage (CC/CV) charge algorithm.

- Protects and maximizes your LiFePO4 Battery.

- Keeps your LiFePO4 battery in top shape.

- Enables use of the maximum safe discharge and charge capabilities.

- Maximizes battery longevity and lifespan through protection against deep discharge and intermediate to high overcharge levels.

- Boosts charging efficiency up to 90%.