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Alpha 1900 / Alpha 2700

Alpha 1900 / Alpha 2700

Alpha 1900 / Alpha 2700


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  • Power Redefined: The Alpha1900 is featured a 1886Wh(25.9V/72.8Ah) capacity battery storage. The Alpha2700 is featured a 2694Wh(25.9V/104Ah) capacity. They outclasses the current portable in-class solar generator market and specifically designed for longer running time and built for extreme reliability – strong enough to run large appliances like Microwaves, Washers, Power-tools, TVs, mini-fridges, or any other heavy-duty electronics under 2000W.
  • Plug and Play Technology: This generator can provide portable on-demand power to more than 6 devices simultaneously at the touch of a button. Sporting an intuitive LED screen that streamlines essential information like battery capacity, input/output power, and charging/discharging time to make sure you’re informed and prepared for any situation.
  • Green Power Solution: Both of them are equipped with an impressive 2000W pure sine wave inverter capable of producing continuous 2000 watts of power. With this inverter, they can provide the same clean and consistent energy you would receive from outlets at home. This power can be accessed through its three AC outlets, two USB ports, and a 12V DC Output. Also, they have an internal protection system so all your sensitive devices will remain safe without the noise or fumes of a typical gas generator.
  • Renewable Energy: The generator is equipped with a PWM solar charge controller which is able to handle solar panels up to 720W(36V/20A) allowing you to make the most out of the massive 2694Wh lithium battery. Perfect for off-grid applications, road trips, and even crucial emergency situations.
  • Complete All-around Protection: An intelligent onboard battery management system or BMS, for short, will ensure your Alpha 1800 and accessories are universally protected against technical issues like over-voltage, low-voltage, overload, short circuits, and over-temperature. Our Alpha 1800 generators are fully tested prior to shipment, certified to FCC, and CE standards for peace of mind, quality, and reliability.