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252WH GEL | 50W - SunPower

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Introducing our Premium Solar System Kit, a comprehensive solution for your off-grid power needs. This kit includes essential components such as a 50W SunPower Flexible Solar Panel, a 20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, a 12V 21Ah Gel Deep Cycle battery, a pair of 10ft 12AWG Solar Cables, and a pair of 6ft 12AWG Battery Cables.

This kit is perfect for small solar projects, making it incredibly easy to purchase and set up a complete off-grid solar system. With the 12V 21Ah battery providing 256Wh of backup power and the included 50W solar panel generating up to 2.8A of charging current, you'll have a reliable and sustainable power source to keep you running indefinitely.

On average, with 5 peak sun hours, this kit can generate 250W of power to charge the 256Wh gel battery. It's a convenient and eco-friendly solution for those looking to harness solar energy efficiently.