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110W SunPower Solar Panel

$190.99 $329.99 saving $139.00
110W SunPower Solar Panel

110W SunPower Solar Panel

$190.99 $329.99 saving $139.00

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Made with SunPower’s highest power Gen II back contact cells to deliver the best power output among the other competitors of 23%-25% efficiency rate.

This flexible panel is made with SunPower’s highest power Gen II back contact cells that delivers the highest power output and highest charging capacity in their product class. The SunPower Maxeon Solar Cell has been using in this panel is the only cell that built on a solid copper foundation when others are built on a plastic sheet. This helps to build its ruggedness against the moist environment and cracking problems. But conventional cells are much likely to lose power when its rusty or out of shape.   

This lightweight panel weighs at 4.4 lbs and flexing up to 30 degrees to make it easy for road trips, off-grid camping, sailing, and other outdoor events that require solar setup.

  • Made with SunPower's highest-efficiency Maxeon solar cells.
  • Each panel comes with MC4 male and female connectors that can connect easily to solar compatible devices.
  • Weighing at 4.4lbs, and flexible up to 30 degrees to get you ready in off-grid camping, sailing, or boon-docking in your RV.
  • Unlike conventional cells, the SunPower is the only cell built on a solid copper foundation which are resistant to power loss via cracking and corrosion.
  • The Solar Panel is backed by SunPower’s 5- year power and 2-year product warranty, also will provide the friendly customer services here always be happy to assist you.


SunPower-Branded Flexible Panel Unbranded Flexible Panel w/ SunPower Cells Front Contact Flexible Panel
Cells Used Maxeon® prime cells Maxeon® non-prime cells Conventional front contact cells
Cell Efficiency 22–25% 19–21% 17–19%
Durability Nearly impervious to cracking and corrosion Resistant to cracking and corrosion More vulnerable to cracking and corrosion
Warranty 5 Year Power; 2 Year Product 0–5 Year Typically 0-2 Year
Panel Manufacturer SunPower 3rd Party Manufacturer 3rd Party Manufacturer
Cell Manufacturing Capacity / Year 1,400 MW 5-10 MW ~1 MW
Manufacturing Process Mostly automated; consistent quality Mostly manual; quality more prone to human error Mostly manual; quality more prone to human error
Manufacturing Certificates ISO9001, ROHS Unknown Unknown





Model 110W Solar Panel
Cells Gen II back contact SunPower Cells
Rated Voltage [Vmpp] 18.5 V
Rated Current [Impp] 6.0 A
Open Circuit Voltage [Voc] 21.7 V
Short Circuit Current [Isc] 6.30 A
Max Series Fuse Rating  15 A
Dimensions 45.9 x 21.9 x 0.8 inches 
Weight 4.4 lbs
Connections MC4 Connectors
Power Temp Coefficient  –0.30%/° C
Voltage Temp Coefficient –55.8 mV/° C
Current Temp Coefficient 3.5 mA/° C
Max. System Voltage 1000VDC IEC, 600VDC UL



Model 100W Solar Panel
Cells Genuine SunPower Cells
Optimum Voltage [Vmp] 18V ± 0.3V
Open Circuit Voltage [Voc] 20V ± 0.8V
Optimum Current [Imp] 5.7A ± 0.15A
Short Circuit Current [Isc] 6.1A
Dimensions 41.7 x 21.3 x 0.12 inches
Max Series Fuse Rating 15A
Weight 4lbs
Connections MC4 Connectors
Safety FCC, CE, and ROHS Certifications